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Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
CRM is a new way of doing business for all organizations looking for better service to their customers.  Our product,  CRMware is a web-based CRM solution that does not require client side installation.  For more information, please feel free to visit our CRM page.

Course Administration System (CASware)
CASware is a web-based course administration system designed for education and learning centers to efficiently administer their student registration, course enrolment, course fee payment and tracking outstanding  payment.  It is especially suitable for education center, playgroup, dance school, or learning center.  Some of its featues are as follows:
  • Student Management (admission, enrolment renew, listing, searching, student last date reminder, etc)
  • Course Management (course and class creating, scheduling, class attendance, listing, filtering, etc)
  • Examination/Assessment History Recording Feature
  • Teacher Management (teaching schedule, course teacher matching, etc)
  • Class Fee and Activity Fee Payment Management (outstanding payment list, daily revenue report, receipt printing, revenue export to Excel,  etc)
  • Others (many other features not listed here.  Please download our brochure for more information).

Web Contents Management System (WCMS)
Company Web Page is an important tool for today's business.  Non-technical users often want to modify their company web contents without relying on external sources.  Web Contents Management System(WCMS)  is a tool that allows non-technical users to have maximum control on their web site.  Our service includes initial setup of the website and a short training.  After that, users can manage the web site on their own.  In addition  to ordinary web site features, our WCMS has the following features:
  • You can acquire knowledge of managing, modifying or creating web pages and contents with less than 1-hour training.
  • You can upload images, type contents and change text styles in an HTML editor (If you know how to use MS Word, you have no problem of using it).
  • You can create web site for external guests.  You can also create restricted web pages for authorized members.
  • You can upload restricted documents to the server and share them with internal staff  so that they can access them anywhere in the world.
  • WCMS has two built-in counters showing total distinct visitors (re-visited guests are not counted) and visit counter (count all visits regardless of re-visit).
  • We offer initial setup, consultancy and training services.
For More information, please send us an email at info@biswaretech.com.

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