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General Questions
What is the differences between turnkey solution and customized solution?
Turnkey solution is a ready-made solution. Buyer can begin work with it by just a few configuration settings (just like turning a key to open the door). Our CRMware solution is a turnkey solution. On the other hand, customized solution is a solution made to fit the specific need of the user.
Which type of solution (turnkey or customized) should I use for my new project?
Turnkey solution usually designs to fit the need of majority users and might not address the specific need of a particular user. Usually customized solution is more expensive than turnkey solution because it is tailor-made for one company. If you have time, larger budget and special requirement, you should go for customized solution, else turnkey solution can save your time and money. Many people start with turnkey solution and modify it to meet their specific need after using it for sometime.
How much does it cost for developing a customized solution?
It is difficult to tell you without knowing your requirement. According to our experience, we can develop most solutions within the range of HK$20,000 to HK$100,000. However, we have developed simplier solutions for less than HK$10,000. There are also very complicated solutions which may cost more than HK$500,000.
How can I start off preparing the requirement?
To start off, you need to let us know all your manual way of doing your existing tasks. Our staff will help you to prepare the rest.

Questions about CRM
What are the differences between ERP and CRM?
ERP systems typically handle manufacturing, logistic, inventory, shipping, invoicing and accounting for a company. CRM systems handle marketing, sales and services for a company. ERP systems are product-centric applications They are operational in nature. However, CRM systems are customer-centric applications.  They are strategical in nature.
Who is the most suitable leader of CRM project in a company?
Implementing CRM might involve changes in culture and attitude within a company. CRM software is just an enabler for changes. Marketing Manager or Sales Manager is more suitable than IT Manager as the leader of CRM project.
What is the differences between web-based and windows-based CRM?
Windows-based CRM is restricted to a closed environment. Web-based CRM, on the other hand, allows you to access it anywhere on the internet via any type of computer e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. As web is one of the most important touchpoints in CRM strategy, web-based CRM is more suitable than window-based CRM to bring together all staff and customer interactions.
What are the server requirements for CRMware?
CRMware is a web-based application built on Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 platform (It can also run on .Net Framework 2.0 platform if Ajax add-in is correctly installed). It must reside on IIS 5.1, 6.0 or 7.0 web server. Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 is the recommended server. If you have less than 10 concurrent users, you can use Windows Vista Business as server.
What Web Browsers are CRMware optimized for?
CRMware is tested on and optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. It is also tested on Firefox 2.0. As it is a web-based solution, you can try CRMware on other browsers but we do not recommend you to do that.
What database is used as data storage in CRMware?
MS SQL Server 2005 or SQL Express 2005 is the recommended database for CRMware. SQL Express 2005 is free for download at Microsoft website. If you anticipate your data are less than 4 GB, you can consider using SQL Express 2005. CRMware does not use older version of MS SQL Server.
Can I run CRMware on an internal network?
We do not recommend you install CRMware on a closed network. CRMware relies on internet to get customer feedback. If you disable this valuable feature, you downgrade your web-based CRMware to a non-web-based application.
Does CRMware limit the number of users to use this system?
You can create any number of users in CRMware Professional at no additional cost. However, you can only have ten sales teams for each CRMware. If you have 10 salespersons in each team, you can easily create 100 users.  There is a cheaper version - CRMware Lite.  This version limits the number of users to 8.
Can Team A user see Team B information in CRMware?
A user can only see information which he/she is permitted to do so.  If you want Team A user to see Team B information, you need to add this user to both Team A and Team B.
I have many free style documents. Can I attach them to the opportunity or order of this system?
Yes. You can attach any number of documents to their related opportunity, order, contact or company page. The only limitation is that the each document size cannot be larger than 10 MB.
I have a customer owning several companies and each company has more than one contacts with us.  Can CRMware support this many-to-many relationship?
Many CRMs on the market only support one-to-many relationship.  They require you to add duplicate records on the database and treat this customer as several different customers. However, CRMware supports many-to-many relationship.  There is no duplicate customer record under your scenario.
What is the purpose of Credit Point in CRMware?
Credit Point is used to count Contact's contribution. You can set CRMware to automatically add Credit Point to a Contact according to the amount of order placed by him/her. CRMware also flexibly allows you to add Credit Point manually to a Contact. For example, when a Contact refers a new Contact to you, you can add some points to him/her. To encourage your Contacts to contribute, you may allow them to redeem gift for certain Credit Points.
Can I retrieve data from CRMware for other purpose?
Yes. CRMware can export its data in Excel format.
Can you customize CRMware for our company?
Yes, we can customize CRMware to fit your specific need at a cost.
Can I install a trial version of CRMware on our server for more vigorous testing?
Yes, please send us your contact information and we shall send you setup instruction with all necessary files.

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