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10 January 2012
Long Running Ajax (ASP.NET)
Recently, I encountered a problem in an asp.net program.  The program needs to generate a report for download.  The program works correctly for most of the reports.  Unfortunately, when the report is very large, the program display an error.  The error message is not very helpful.  The only clue is that if the required time for generating the report is more than 90 seconds, the program will fail.  Obviously, it is a time-out error.

I try to change various settings in IIS but no luck.  As the large report is very important in that program, I spent also a whole week to find solution.  Finally, I found that it was caused by the Ajax ScriptManager.  Microsoft sets the default value for ScriptManager.AsyncPostBackTimeOut 90 seconds.  The problem was solved after I changed the code to:

     <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" 

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