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4 September 2009
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Recently I was commissioned by a company to review its website with special emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The design of the website is beautiful but my client complained that it cannot be found by any search engine.

After I went through the code, I was quite sure the website was constructed by a designer with no intention to help weak-sighted people to read it. In fact, search engine works very similar to weak-sighted persons, who rely on screen reader to read website.

Here are some areas that the website is not optimized for search engine:
  • The website uses Flash and image for its text area. I suggest it uses normal text with style sheet. If image is necessary, each image must include an "alt" tag describing its contents in text format.
  • The website uses its company name as title. Title is an important area for search engine optimization. In my case, I use company name plus some informative texts for my website Title, e.g. "Bisware Technology Limited: Software House (IT Company) in Hong Kong". People will not use "Bisware" to search but instead they may use "software house hong kong" to search.
  • The website does not include html meta tag in the header.  Adding relevant contents in Description meta tag and Keywords meta tag are difinitely helpful.
  • The website does not make use of its page name to improve search engine optimization.  For example, we are software house in Hong Kong.  We can use software-house-hong-kong.html instead of home.html.  Search Engine will also consider page name as an important information for searching.

There are many other ways to optimize a web site for search engine.  However, the most important factor is the popularity of your site.  One way to attract more visitors to your site is to add more informative materials to your site.  Many visitors are not buying your products but their visit helps making your site more popular.

Sharing your contents via facebook can also increase your page traffic. Share

Now, go to Yahoo (or any other search engine) and enter "software house hong kong" in the search box.  Can you find our company - "Bisware Technology Limited" from the search result in the first 3 pages?  If yes, click the link and go back to this site.  You can help  more people to find us with "software house hong kong" search words.

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