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2 May 2009
ASP:Menu on various browsers
Although asp:Menu is a very useful and convenient control for Microsoft .Net developer, this control has some compatibility issues with various browsers.  In this blog, I build two simple pages using this control and try to use various browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome) to test this control.

I build a page (MenuDemo1.aspx) page and force it to run in Internet Explorer 8 mode.  It has compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 8 (early version of IE8), Safari and Google Chrome.

Now I build another page (MenuDemo2.aspx) and force it to run Internet Explorer 7 mode.  I also remove all browser's adapters.  It can run on all browsers without problem.  If you use the same browser session (i.e. do not close the browser) and return to MenuDemo1.aspxMenuDemo1.aspx has no more compatibility issue on non-Microsoft browsers.  Ironically, the remaining problem browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

In the above demo, I find that Firefox is the most compatible browser for this control.  I really don't understand why asp:Menu as a Microsoft product has more compatibility issue in its only browser than browser of other company!

Please click here to try my demo.

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