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9 April 2007
Skype add-on causes problem to IE
Recently my Internet Explorer browser displays the following error message occasionally:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet Site - Operation Aborted

My first reaction is to blame Microsoft for allowing this bug in IE. However, after waiting sometime and updating my Windows with all latest updates, the problem still exists. I suspect that there might be some other add-on causes the problem. As a result, I find that my Skype add-on casues this problem. When one install Skype on a PC, Skype also install some add-ons to IE. One add-on is to change telephone number to a telephone number link button connecting to Skype. If you do not need these types of function, just turn-off the add-on (in IE tool bar, go to Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons).

There might be some other culprits causing the above error. You can use similar method to remove them.