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4 Sep 2008
HKID Card Check Digit
The check digit algorithm of Hong Kong ID Card number is a variation of the ISBN 10 check digit algorithm. One important difference is that the first character of HKID Card is an alphabet. Hong Kong ID Card uses the following mapping to change these alphabets into numbers:
  1. A, L, W are mapped to 1
  2. B, M, X are mapped to 2
  3. C, N, Y are mapped to 3
  4. D, O, Z are mapped to 4
  5. E, P are mapped to 5
  6. F, Q are mapped to 6
  7. G, R are mapped to 7
  8. H, S are mapped to 8
  9. I, T are mapped to 9
  10. J, U are mapped to 10
  11. K, V are mapped to 11

Please enter a Hong Kong ID Card Number in the following text box and click the "Get Check Digit" button to find the Check Digit of a HKID card.
Hong Kong ID Card Number

Please feel free to download my HKIDCheckDigit functions in VB.Net from here.

For other information about Hong Kong ID Card and ID numbering, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong_Identity_Card


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