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The idea of making this robot (see video on the right-hand side) is triggered by the government's promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education.

This robot is not built from a set of pre-designed elements and accessories.   Builders need to chalk out the design, build the  framework, program the controller.  In other words, they need to select and buy materials,motors, controllers, hardware and software for constructing this robot.   They also need to know how to use tools, e.g. drill, saw, screw-driver, spanner, etc to put all elements together.

This robot  is just one example.  It is programmed by using an Arduino Board.  The building and programming of this robot are easy-to-learn, extremely suitable for secondary students. They does not need to follow strict building instruction.  All they need are eagerness-to-learn, passion and creativity!
More about this robot can be found in https://youtu.be/B-Ru7mGfu_s.

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