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About CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

is a new way of doing business for all organizations looking for better service to their customers. It recognizes that customers are individuals with their own needs. Companies will only achieve this by knowing more about their customers and more about themselves.

IT As an Enabler

In the past, IT was often used in business as an operational tool for accounting, Invoicing, stocking keeping, HR Management, ERP, etc. Although these tools provide companies with a more efficient way of doing business, they are not strategic in nature. With the advent of new technology, IT as a strategic tool now becomes achievable. CRM is a strategic tool for handling Opportunity Management, Order Management, Contact Management, Marketing Management, Service Management and Staff Collaboration Management. As a result, good CRM empowers business with better ability to earn money. 

Our Product - CRMware
CRMware is a web-based CRM software designed to maximize your competitive advantage. The way that we handle CRM is as follows:

Opportunity Management
Keep track of all opportunities and their winning probability at various stages
Support documents attachment to the opportunity
Analyze  “opportunities” by sales team, by individual staff, by sales category, by opportunity stage, by source, by opportunity status, by sales region, by opportunity period or any combination of the above
Easy conversion from won-opportunity to order
Order Management
Keep track of various stages of all orders
Support documents attachment to order
Automatically add Credit Point to Contact according to the amount of Order
Different ways to handle Sales Order and Service Order
Report “orders” by sales team, by individual staff, by order status, by sales category, by sales region, by order period or any combination of the above
Contact Management
Keep records of all Companies and individual Contacts
Support many-to-many relationship between Companies and Contacts
Provide intelligent searching feature
Support documents attachment to Company and Contact
Support adding unlimited items of additional information about individual contact
Keep track of services and cases of individual contact
Provide direct link from contacts to their opportunities, orders and cases
Marketing Management
Feature with analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sources
Feature with Survey Builder for creating web page to get customer feedback
Feature with Email Builder for creating soliciting email which can redirect email recipients to the survey site
Keep individual customer feedback at the database for further analysis
Customer current and future value rating feature
Contact segmentation for marketing purpose
Incentive Credit Point feature for value customers
Track all cold calls and inquiries
Service Management
Keep track of support cases and services of individual customer
Support documents attachment to each service
Report unhandled “cases”
Staff Collaboration Management
Provide granular control of user permission for using this system
Segment salespersons to different teams for using team proprietary information
Provide staff Daily Report feature
Provide Forum for staff to share their experience
Feature with a free-style Knowledge Base of self-products and other related-products
Report staff contribution to the system
Provide task assignment feature
Include PDA version for off-site salesperson
Customer Service Center
Support creation of  individual customer account for accessing Customer Service Center
Customizable Customer Service Center page for product promotion, company news, incentive announcement, etc.
Self-checking order status, credit point  and case status features
Form download feature

For more details, please feel free to see the screen shots of this product.

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